Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 Days . . .

I have ten days left . . .
and then,

CNA & Caregiver classes are over.

I have ten days left . . .
and then,

I'm on an airplane headed half way across the world.
To China.
For 33 days.                                (Some days, the thought can't even fit
                                                    into my mind, it's that big.)

I've already passed my State Board exam to become a certified nursing assistant. (woot!) Soon I'll take my State Board test to become a licensed caregiver. (hollah!)

I can honestly say, if I never use either of those certifications, this last year has been amazing. There were plenty of days I would NOT call my CNA classes amazing. Most days, actually. But I've grown more than I thought I could in one year.

I've met some wonderful people through this. From the elderly widower with incredible stories of his faith and his love and his life, to some beautiful classmates who have never failed to share their smiles.

I've also gone through stress, and relationship... strains. Some days I cried out in the pain, 'God, I can't take this if You don't take it with me!' I have even been mocked and out-right insulted for my faith and my life-style, but by God's grace I was able to look back into the eyes of those mocked me with love and forgiveness. And in the end, I was able to share my faith with those who scorned it. And I wouldn't take back the scorn for the opportunities, and I so thankful.

I hope when people saw me, they didn't see a brown eyed girl, with purple streaks in her hair, that was basically like anyone else. I hope they saw a girl that was in love with God, and wanted nothing more than to have joy in Jesus alone, her Savior.

I hope I showed them love.

Honestly, if I had the chance, I would talk with each one of my classmates individually, and tell them how much God loves them. Because He does. He loves you so much, that He longs after your heart. Longing that you would spend time in His love, getting to know Who He Is.

Seek Him.

Only in Him, is true, unending, unconditional love. His love is not based on what you do or if you love Him or even care about His love. He loves you because He is love. Because He created you, and He wants you to find purpose and joy and LIFE in Him.

If only you could see how much I want you know this. How my heart aches for His love. I long for His love to grow greater in me, and be increased in others! I wish I could tell you HOW WONDERFUL it is. There is nothing good in my life, that didn't come from my God! My life is an adventure with my Savior. He gave me joy, where there was once only bitterness. And the unknown in my future doesn't have me worrying, because I know, He knows how my future will play out. To Him it is no different than my past, and my present: in His hands.

You. Are. Loved. He loves you. 




Let this truth shatter every other lie that is fighting for a place in your head and life at this moment. I could write on forever, about how I'm so not perfect and life is hard.
But when my words cease, may you walk away with the thought that I am like you and we are loved beyond the pain.
It's that simple.
Beyond all else,  you are loved. He loves you.

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