Friday, June 27, 2014

So, China, whatchya think?

I'm back.
Over a month ago, I couldn't have dreamt up half of what took place the month I spent in China. It was fun, and scary, and incredible, and difficult, and energizing yet exhausting. Altogether, it's truthfully indescribable, though I keep trying to find better words to use.
I'll pictures do most of the speaking. All I can really say is that I am so, SO thankful!
This is a picture from Hong Kong.

We spent just two days in Hong Kong, before going to mainland China.

The city lights on the water looked even better in person.

The church Lottie Moon originally served in, from so long ago, is still standing.
(Penglai, China)

The lights where unbelievable. Every city we went to was like it's own light show.

We met so many people in China! They were all so welcoming and friendly.

And made so many new friends!
That's a jump photo, btw. The bottom got cut out. =P

My sisters are so beautiful, I was so blessed to be with them both for this trip.

This is my granddad teaching, and a beautiful young lady, Willow, translating.
We experienced a part of Chinese culture everywhere we went.
Left to Right: Grandad, Me, (the back of) my older sister
We got to practice Chinese water color. We had never used paper of brushes like that.

We drank a lot of tea (so happy!!) and even found out people went to school to learn to prepare tea 'professionally'!
This friend took us to a tea shop to taste tea professionally made. One black tea we tasted was from 1926!
We saw lots of dragons... =)
Huge cities, with buildings, buildings, buildings, and people, people, people everywhere!

That's me!
We even got to learn to make real Chinese food, not 'American Chinese food'. They taste nothing alike!
Obviously, over 33 days, there were hundreds of pictures to choose from. It was very difficult to just choose a few, and I'm sure there were much better pictures I could have put in place of some of these. But I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse. I may share some actual stories of things we did in China at a later date. But for now, I'm just trying to catch up with life at home, and find a way to remember everything we did myself. =)
Many people have asked, "so what did you think?" about China. I kind of wonder, what did China think about us...